Dermatologist Reveals Why Drinking Water May Be The Best Thing For Skin

People use so many different things in an effort to take care of their skin. But drinking water may well be the best thing that everybody can do.

Of all of the substances on the planet, water may be the most essential. It takes up most of the Earth’s surface and it’s a crucial component in the human makeup.

Simply put, humans need water to live.

Beyond its importance to sustaining life, water also offers a range of other benefits. It improves physical performance, especially when one exerts themselves in warm weather. Water keeps the brain working as it should. In fact, even minor dehydration can have a massive effect on physical and mental performance. Everybody needs regular water top-ups to keep themselves going.

That’s not all though. Water prevents the dreaded hangover after somebody has had a few too many and may even be able to help them lose weight! Water can also help to prevent headaches.

It’s simply a wonder liquid.

And perhaps unsurprisingly, water also has a hugely beneficial effect on the skin. This article explores why drinking water regularly can help to keep skin healthy.

Why Does Water Work So Well For Skin?

It's likely that most people have read all of the claims before in health and beauty magazines. It's essential to drink plenty of water to keep skin healthy. As long as one drinks lots of water, their skin will have a radiant glow. It can even make them seem years younger than they really are.

But is water really so essential to skin health?

The simple answer is “yes”.

Think of it like this. Skin is an organ. Just like every other part of the body, skin contains cells. And like the rest of the cells in the body, the skin cells contain a lot of water.

As a result, a lack of water can have a damaging effect on skin cells. Less water means dehydrated cells. In other areas of the body, this leads to the mental and physical fatigue spoken about earlier. But when it comes to skin, this lack of water leads to more noticeable cosmetic effects.

Insufficient amount of water means that skin cells aren’t as hydrated as they should be. This results in skin feeling tight and eventually drying out. If someone suffers from flaky skin, it’s probable that they're not drinking enough water to keep their cells going.

The dryer the skin, the lower its resilience. Failing to do anything about the problem leads to skin wrinkling up. As a result, one ends up looking older than they actually are.

Here’s another problem that someone might not have considered.

In the grand scheme of things, skin is one of the least “vital” of all of the organs. When somebody drinks some water, it’s going to go where it’s needed most. The body will accept dry skin if it means keeping the other organs in tip-top shape.

Skin is much lower on the priority list. If someone is only drinking “just enough”, that water never finds its way to the skin. Other organs intercept the water long before it gets there.

Drinking plenty of water is the solution to this problem. This ensures one gets enough water to take care of the body with enough left over for the skin.

Many doctors recommend drinking a minimum of eight glasses of water per day. This isn’t a universal number. Some people need more, whereas others can get away with drinking less.

Drinking isn’t the only way that one can use water to their skin’s advantage either. Applying a cold water compress helps to tackle skin inflammation. Short warm (but not hot) baths and showers also have a rejuvenating effect on skin.

Water plays such a vital role in skin health because it’s one of the essential building blocks of life itself. Without it, the body and its cells can’t function properly. That goes for every type of cell in the body, including those found in the skin.

Of course, while drinking water is essential for maintaining skin health, there are other ways to keep skin healthy.

Introducing UVO

A board certified dermatologist, Dr. Bobby Awadalla is a Fellow of the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery. He’s also a Fellow of the American College of Mohs Surgery and the American Academy of Dermatology.

Dr. Bobby saw that many of his patients struggled to keep their skin healthy. Even those who drank lots of water often came to him with skin-related issues.

They’d apply all sorts of creams and lotions to keep their skin looking young. But it wasn’t enough and many of his patients wanted to do even more.

That’s why he developed UVO.

According to Dr. Bobby, UVO is “the first drinkable multivitamin specifically formulated to promote anti-aging, restore beauty, support skin health and boost UV protection.”

And much like water, it works from the inside out. This amazing supplement can help to combat the signs of aging and achieve radiant skin.

UVO customer Liana Mendoza uses it every day to keep her skin healthy. An extremely active person, Liana spends a lot of time in the sun. She uses sunscreen and sun-protective clothing, and uses UVO to give her a protective boost while making the water she drinks taste better.

She points out that she noticed an almost immediate impact on her skin when she started taking UVO. Friends and family soon started commenting on her “glow” and she felt more energized. Today, she doesn’t go anywhere without her UVO.

UVO doesn’t replace water. It gives it a boost and helps to use water to make skin even healthier than before.

The Final Word

All of the health and beauty magazines are right on the money. Skin needs water to keep it looking its best. Water has a replenishing effect on skin cells. It also ensures that skin doesn’t dry out and become more prone to wrinkling.

Water may be the most important thing for skin. But it isn’t the only thing that can be used to give skin a boost. Supplements, like UVO, can add plenty to every glass of water you drink. Water-based creams and lotions can also help to apply water topically to various areas of the skin.

There’s one key lesson to take from this. If someone is not drinking plenty of water, they need to start. Their skin will thank them for it.

UVO was mentioned earlier in this article. It's a drinkable multivitamin made SPECIFICALLY for the skin packed with vitamins, antioxidants, and nutrients from superfoods. Yes, that's right. It's a delicious drink once a day, it's for the skin and it was created by a world-renowned dermatologist.

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