Discover the 6 Best Foods for Healthy Skin According to a Dermatologist

Diet plays a more important role than people might think when it comes to skin health. Dermatologist Dr. Bobby recommends some healthy foods that everybody should add to their diet today.

There are several factors that affect skin health. Exposure to the sun is one of the largest, as is the amount of water that you drink.

But what someone eats can also play a big role. If they eat the wrong foods, they can damage their skin and cause it to age prematurely.

A few changes to one's diet can remedy the problem. Here are six dermatologist-recommended foods for healthy skin:

Food #1 – Fatty Fish

There are all sorts of fish that fall under the fatty label. Tuna and salmon are among the most recognizable.

These fish contain lots of omega-3 fatty acids. The body needs these fats to keep skin feeling thick and supple. Better yet, these fatty acids also have a moisturizing effect on the skin.

Fatty fish also contain lots of Vitamin E, which combats the damage that free radicals can do to skin. Plus, there’s also some evidence to suggest that fatty fish can help the body to combat autoimmune skin conditions, such as lupus.

Finally, there’s all of the protein and zinc that these fish contain. The body needs protein to keep the skin strong, whereas zinc helps the body to produce new skin cells.

Food #2 – Vitamin C-Rich Fruit and Veg

Much like Vitamin E, Vitamin C is an antioxidant. As a result, it also combats free radicals that could damage skin. It also gives the immune system a boost, which means the body is less likely to suffer from other conditions that cause skin problems.

Vitamin C also strengthens the collagen that holds skin together. This is very important because damaged collagen causes the skin to lose its elasticity. If left unchecked, this results in wrinkles forming.

Fruits and vegetables are the best foods to choose if somebody is looking to boost their Vitamin C intake. There are the obvious ones, such as lemons and oranges. But one can also get plenty of Vitamin C from the following:

  • Broccoli
  • Kiwi
  • Blueberries
  • Sweet potatoes

Food #3 – Avocados

We could have thrown avocados into the previous item. However, this fruit has its own section because it combines both Vitamins C and E to great effect...and it tastes amazing! It also contains a lot of healthy fats, which helps to keep the skin strong and moist.

There’s also some evidence to suggest that avocados may be able to protect skin from sun damage. Research is still in the early stages at the time of this writing. However, it appears that the fruit's fatty alcohols may have an anti-inflammatory effect. This appears to protect the skin from ultraviolet (UV) rays.

Food #4 – Yellow and Red Bell Peppers

Both red and yellow bell peppers contain an important plant pigment called beta-carotene. The body converts this pigment into Vitamin A, which is another powerful antioxidant. Much like Vitamin C, it tackles free radicals. This helps the body to combat skin damage which results in early signs of aging.

These peppers also contain a lot of Vitamin C in their own right. In fact, a single cup of these bell peppers provides more than three times the amount of Vitamin C the body needs for the day.

Food #5 – Soy

Soy is an interesting food because of the effect that it has on the body’s estrogen levels. It contains plant compounds called isoflavones. These have the interesting dual-ability to both mimic and block estrogen production.

It appears that these isoflavones have a beneficial effect for skin. One study of 26 women found those who ate soy isoflavones for 8-12 weeks enjoyed better skin elasticity. They also suffered less from fine lines.

There’s also some evidence to suggest that isoflavones protect the skin from the sun’s UV rays. Plus, they may be able to increase collagen levels in skin.

Food #6 – Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds pack a lot of the previously mentioned benefits into one package.

A single ounce contains over a third of the daily requirement of Vitamin E. That ounce also contains a surprising amount of protein, which help to keep skin strong. Plus, it contains 10% of the daily zinc requirement.

A handful of sunflower seeds gives the body a little nutrient boost that has remarkable benefits for skin. Everybody should keep some around to eat as a healthy snack between meals.

Bonus Supplement - UVO

Of course, people should add all of these foods to their diet right away to start taking better care of their skin. But there’s also a new supplement that can reinforce the benefits from these foods.

UVO is a multivitamin created by Board-Certified Dermatologist Dr. Bobby Awadalla. He came up with the formula after noticing that many of his patients struggled with skin health. Even when they watched their diets and took all the right precautions, they still needed something extra.

UVO’s combination of antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients derived from superfoods does just that.

Leanne Grier is quick to talk about the benefits that UVO has had on her skin. She says the supplement leaves her feeling energized. She also points to the Vitamin C content that drew her to the supplement too. You can hear more of her storyhere.

The Final Word

Each of the foods in this article has an extremely beneficial effect on the skin. But they can all be boiled down to the base vitamins and compounds that they contain.

Generally speaking, foods that contain healthy fatty acids will help skin to stay healthy and strong. One needs to get plenty of protein to further strengthen their skin. Plus, one has to get enough zinc in their diet to promote the production of new and healthier skin cells.

All of the foods offer at least one skin-strengthening attribute for someone to take advantage of. Plus, they can supplement their nutritional intake with a supplement like UVO. All it takes is one or two small changes to your diet.

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