A Doctor Reveals the Six Anti-Aging Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Aging is an inevitability that we all have to deal with. Even so, there are plenty of things you may do that accelerate the process. Dermatologist and American Academy of Dermatology Fellow Dr. Bobby Awadalla explains.

We all have to deal with the constant march of time.

And dermatologist Dr. Bobby Awadalla notes that many people do everything they can to slow it down. They use creams and try everything to get rid of those fine lines and wrinkles.

He also notes that many people make some critical mistakes that undo all of their efforts. Here are six that you need to avoid.

Mistake #1 – Spending Too Much Time in the Sun

It’s a little-known fact that the sun ages your skin more than anything else. Sure, it’s a vital source of Vitamin D. Plus, there’s the whole thing about how we need the sun to sustain life on the planet. However, spending too much time basking in it will cause you problems.

Take the case of the 69-year-old man who’d spent almost 30 years driving a truck. Over that time, he’d noticed a thickening of his skin and much deeper wrinkles on one side of his face than the other.

The sun was the cause. The side of his face that experienced such massive aging also happened to be the side that faced his truck’s window. That window did nothing to block the Ultraviolet A (UVA) rays that the sun emits. He’s exposed his face to the sun almost non-stop for 30 years.

You likely won’t face such an extreme case. However, you need to be aware that the sun will  cause your skin to age prematurely.

Mistake #2 – You’re a Multitasker

Life never seems to slow down and you have so much on your to-do list. That’s a problem in itself as it means you face stress every single day.

Multitaskers face the biggest problem. Many people pride themselves on their ability to do several things at once. But the truth is that multitasking doesn’t speed up your work. It just means you spread yourself too thin for the tasks, leaving yourself feeling stressed.

That stress is a problem. Several studies show that stress causes the release of free radicals into your body. These molecules actively damage your skin cells, which leads to premature signs of aging.

There’s a simple tip for the multitasker here. Stop trying to do everything at once. Work on one thing at a time so you’re not constantly piling stress onto your own shoulders.

Mistake #3 – Washing Your Face

Washing your face is a part of your daily routine. How can it cause your skin to age?

The issue comes from over-washing. Too much water actually dries out your skin, which can lead to fine lines and other signs of aging.

That’s not to say that you shouldn’t wash your face. You just need to do it the right way:

  1. Use lukewarm water to moisten, not soak, your face.
  2. Avoid using a washcloth. Instead, use your fingers to apply cleansers and wash your face gently. Don’t use scrubs that are harsh on your skin and remove natural oils.
  3. Don’t scrub at your face when drying it. Instead, use a clean and soft towel to lightly pat away the excess moisture.

Mistake #4 – You Have a Sweet Tooth

We all love a little dessert after a good meal. But that extra shot of sugar may cause more damage than you’d think.

The problem comes from the way that sugar molecules act in your body. They attach themselves to the protein fibers in our cells, including those in your skin. This process, which doctors refer to as glycation, causes all sorts of problems.

Those dark circles you’ve developed under your eyes may be a result of glycation. The process also causes wrinkles, plus it can increase your pore size.

The simple remedy is to pass on dessert to avoid ingesting too much sugar.

Mistake #5 – You’re Not Getting Enough Sleep

This is one of those problems that can have all sorts of causes. You may not sleep enough because you’re too stressed to relax your mind. Or, you may just think that you’re the sort of person who can get by on very little sleep.

The problem is that sleeping less than you should is a major anti-aging mistake. That’s particularly true for those who get five hours or less per night.

Your body produces an excess of the stress hormone cortisol when you’re not getting enough sleep. Over time, this hormone damages your skin cells. Plus, a lack of sleep leads to those dark and puffy bags under your eyes.

Mistake #6 – You Haven’t Considered Supplements

Eating a healthy diet is a major part of keeping your skin looking young. You need the vitamins, antioxidants, and nutrients that come from a good diet to maintain skin health.

But you also have a lot of things to deal with. The combined stresses of your work and personal life may not leave you with enough time to stick to a good diet.

That’s where supplements can help. Dr. Bobby Awadalla, the creator of skincare supplement UVO, recognizes this often in his patients.

“Supplements aren’t a replacement for good food,” he says. “However, they can give your body a top up of the vital nutrients that it needs to keep your skin healthy.”

Take an honest look at your diet. In particular, examine your intake of Vitamins C and E, as well as your antioxidant intake. If you’re lacking in those areas, consider taking a supplement while taking steps to change your diet.

The Final Word

Those are six mistakes that can lead to your skin aging prematurely. Most people can probably identify with at least one of them. Perhaps you’re a multitasker who takes on too much all at once. Maybe you don’t pay enough attention to your diet or you just love being out in the sun too much.

Whatever the case may be, keep these mistakes in mind and try to avoid them. You’ll improve your skin’s health and do more to stop yourself from aging prematurely.

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