“How to Maintain Healthy Skin” with Dr. Bobby Awadalla (3 of 9)

“How to Maintain Healthy Skin” with Dr. Bobby Awadalla (3 of 9)

Tip 3 for Healthy Skin: Exercise & Sleep

The third thing we like to talk about for the skin is exercise and sleep. Again, very basic concepts but how do they relate to the skin?

We know that exercise increases the circulation in the body. It’s good for the heart because of that. Well, when you exercise, your body heats up. And so what does it do? It opens all the vessels in the skin so the heat can dissipate. And by doing that, you’re getting all that oxygen and nutrient rich blood into the skin. So it’s replenishing all the skin cells. And secondly, what it also does is takes away the toxins with it. So exercising is very good for the skin because the circulation opens up in the skin and all the toxins are out and all the nutrients and oxygen is in. Very important to get exercise at least three to four times a week. Not only for our skin, again, but for our general health.

Interestingly, sleeping is very important for skin. The skin rejuvenates at night. There’s certain growth hormones that are released and it helps repair and rejuvenate the skin at night. So it’s very important that you get 8 hours of quality sleep.


About Dr. Bobby Awadalla

Bobby Awadalla, MD, is a Board Certified Dermatologist. He belongs to The American Academy of Dermatology, The American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, and The American College of Mohs Surgery. He earned his medical degree with honors from Drexel University College of Medicine. Dr. Awadalla then went on to become chief resident at Virginia Commonwealth University. He honed his skills in Mohs micrographic surgery, a tissue-sparing skin cancer removal and facial reconstruction procedure, and other cosmetic dermatology procedures as a fellow at Methodist Hospital/Weill Medical College of Cornell University in Houston. He has also published numerous papers in the field of dermatology. Dr. Awadalla currently practices at Coast Dermatology & Laser Surgery Center in Laguna Beach, CA.