How It Works

Provides Nutrients to Absorb UV Rays
Melanin in our skin absorbs penetrating UV Rays to stop them from causing damage. UVO contains nutrients naturally found in plants and vegetables that our bodies can use to absorb UV rays (like melanin).

Decreases DNA Damage
UV rays damage DNA; UVO helps protect DNA from being damaged and boosts your body’s internal DNA repair proteins.

Supports Collagen Repair
UV rays damage collagen and activate proteins that break down collagen; UVO helps repair collagen damage and stops proteins that break down collagen.

Boosts Proteins that Repair Cell Membrane Damage
UV rays damage cell membranes; UVO helps boost the proteins that repair cell membrane damage.

Helps Neutralize Free Radical Damage
UV rays turn oxygen into free radicals which then damage DNA, collagen and cell membranes; UVO turns oxygen free radicals back to normal oxygen.

Helps Alleviate Inflammation
All this damage causes inflammation, resulting in redness of the skin; UVO contains anti-inflammatories which help alleviate this inflammation.